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Alianzas’ exclusive online mercado, La Plaza Alianza, provides Instant Discount Z-Bates, Cash Back Z-Bates and Profit Sharing Bonus Programs, on all of its products and services for all of its exclusive Gold Managers! This is an incredible way to both earn and save on all of the purchases made by you and your Alianza familia!
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Here are some of the key benefits you receive... All of the manufacturers of the products listed in La Plaza Alianza have contracted with us to be official vendors of their products.  We negotiate personally on our members behalf to bring them the best savings and profit opportunity possible! Through our unique and very special Z-Bates and Profit Sharing Bonus Programs, Alianza is passing back and sharing with its exclusive Members as much as 80% of our gross profit margin! This is unheard of within the merchandising industry! Every time a member takes advantage of the products offered in La Plaza Alianza, the Member purchasing will receive an Instant Z-Bate Discount and a Cash Back Z-Bate! The Member that referred the Member will receive 40% of the profit sharing amount of their purchases. If you're an exclusive Alianza Gold Manager, you will be eligible to receive three more generations of profit sharing! La Plaza Alianza can save and earn you and your family hundreds and up to thousands of dollars a month!